May the Fourth be With You!

May the Fourth be With You!

Happy May the 4th or Star Wars Day!!

I married into a Star Wars loving family and it's grown on me over the years. I love to be a fun mom, but being a fun mom last minute with low levels of commitment is my JAM. We threw a last minute little Star Wars party last year + my kids LOVED IT! Truly, they've talked about it at least once a week for the last year. Here's the thing, I had the idea around 11am last year and pulled it all off same day. It was simple, it was fun, it was memorable. Here's some ideas if you want to create some fun memories but keep it easy! This can very easily be just a movie night. Don't overthink it, just have fun!


I created some fun printables for our food to spice things up a bit! I have one with the classic Star Wars space background and this one with the plain white background. They're both editable templates that you can use to make your own signs, menu, name tags, whatever you want! I love to make a little food spread and have these out on the table. You can make just about anything Star Wars themed if you can think of a solid pun haha! Here's a few of my favorites:

Admiral Ackbar Snackbar

Hoth Dogs

Han Burgers

7 Leia Dip

Darth by Chocolate Cake

Vader Veggies

Wookie Cookies

Galactic Grilled Cheese

Ronto Wraps - literally any time of wrap or burrito. We did chicken Cesar wraps!

Porg Pudding

Jedi Juice

Jakku Portions - I do these spinach honey muffins to look like Rey's rations.

Trooper Scoopers - chips for your dip!

You can dress these up and make them look like characters and be all cute and Pinteresty, but it's not in my wheelhouse, so I stick to yummy food and a punny sign! We're not overthinking here, remember?

Crafts and Games

I am not a crafty mama, so I stick to cutting pool noodles in half, wrapping some duct tape on, and calling it a lightsaber. I'm grateful for cool moms on the internet that give us free printables! Here's some we have used!

Star Wars Bingo This is a classic, easy game to play with kids. Give them a cookie cookie as a prize if they win! And by wookie cookie, I mean a mini tollhouse place+bake cookie I picked up at the grocery store.

Build Your Own Droid My girls loved these simple cut+glue DIY droid pages. 

Star Wars Cutting Practice  I loved using these for Oakley while we did homeschool with Kennedy today! We also did some Star Wars themed school for Kennedy with some awesome worksheets from This is my go to resource for fun extras and themed units for homeschool!

I Spy Game Busy work/game while you place + bake those tollhouse cookies!

Draw Grogu (Baby Yoda!) My girls and I LOVE to go to the Animation Academy in California Adventure while at Disneyland. The animators do a great job showing you step by step how to draw the characters so they come out looking recognizable, even for me!🙌🏼 

Who doesn't love a coloring page? Here's some free Grogu + Mando printables.

And truly- cut some blue and red pool noodles in half. My kids have been obsessed with their "lightsabers" and have played with them all year. We wrapped a little duct tape around the bottom and a couple strips of electrical tape for some buttons. Here's a little tutorial if you need some guidance!


As you can see, this can really be done with some fairly low effort! And if you miss the 4th, there's always Revenge of the Fifth! Have a blast + tag us @lettieboutique so we can see what your cute family is up to!


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